Saturday, April 08, 2006

stoner story 1- First dance with Mary Jane

aaahhh... there's really nothing quite like a nicely packed joint at the end of the day.. Not filled with filthy Dilli ganj but some smooth as silk charas...

Still remember my first spliff. GV, Baba and self had driven up to Manali in GV's Sierra. (This was back in the call centre days. Also my first encounter with beautiful Himachal).
When we got to Manali, Baba says we ought to stay higher up in Vashisht instead. Soon as we park, the three of us head off in different directions looking for a "hotel". The first place I get to.. The Godfather Palace Ashram.. and I get a sudden rush of turbulent bowel motion.
Close to 13 hours of binging on grub and booze on the way up had made my gut one big water balloon..just waiting to burst.

Since I had to "lose weight" just that instant, I booked the room without really looking around. 15 minutes of pure bliss later and I head out to call the guys back to the Ashram. It's a steep, hilly climb up and all the way, Baba's constantly asking me if there's a view from the window. (Of which I'm quite sure considering all the damn guesthouses here face out..)
We get to the room, draw the curtains.. and there's a huge tree right where Manali and the Beas should have been.

After hurling sundry abuse, we passed out till dinner, which was at the once-trippy-and-now-shitty Riverside Cafe on Clubhouse Road up in Old Manali.
When we first went, this was a part-open air, part lounge area with thick mattresses, low lighting, tree trunk ashtrays (for chillums), a wall covered with raver backdrops and constant psychedelic thumping.
There was this group of Isras at the next table booming a chillum (uptil this time I never even smoked cigarettes).
They offered it to Baba who puffed and handed it to GV, who puffed and handed it to me. I puffed and coughed the whole damn bitch out on to the table. Needless to say the Isras weren't too happy.
Back at the Ashram, we rolled a few joints (in cigarettes since we hadn't discovered the convenience of Rizla) and I remember burning my neck with a hot rock.
Not quite sure how that happened though..


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