Monday, April 10, 2006

Real life ghost stories..part one

This was the night Aishwarya Rai was crowned Miss World. We (the folks and sister) were living on rent in Palam Vihar in this two-storey house. I was in the 10th grade, I think.

The house basically opened into a living-dining room with a corridor on the far side leading to the back yard. A bathroom on the left of the corridor and the kitchen on the right. Just outside the kitchen door, we'd hung soup spoons, you know..the usual long handed cutlery. We had no immediate neighbours, only empty plots all round.

We were on the first floor, living out of one bedroom because all our unpacked cartons and trunks were in the other bedroom. As soon as Ash got the jewels, the electricity blew. In complete darkness, we realised that the candles were upstairs but the matches were downstairs.
"Let it be," said my father, "let's just go to sleep."
Which is when the clanking noise began downstairs, like someone was running a hand through the ladles and spoons. A slow rhythmic 'tank-tank-tank-tank'
The dogs we had at that time, Bambi and Whiskey, hid under my folks' bed, whining to themselves.
My mum started to freak a bit and I could see my dad was a little shaken too..
Gathering courage, my dad and myself went downstairs to investigate the noise and also get some fire for the candles.

Absolute silence in the living room.

We collected the matches, checked the back door, which was locked, and headed back up.
About two minutes later, a heavy 'thump-thump-thump-thump' began on the terrace, like someone with heavy boots running up and down.
Again bolstering our confidence with a cricket bat and a chipped wicket, we crept upstairs.

Absolute silence on the terrace.

With nothing to look for, we came back down.
We decided to settle into bed and wait out the noises.
They never stopped the entire night. Either it was the clanking downstairs or the thumping upstairs. But never both sounds at the same time.
Exhaustion finally put us to sleep.

We had several theories as to what was happening. One being that the kitchen window was open and the night breeze must have been knocking around the spoons.
The other, that large lizards were mating.

We came down in the morning and saw that the empty Bisleri bottles were still there, cobwebs intact.
But, the cake my mum had baked the previous evening and left to cool on the dining table, had a huge six talon claw mark right in the middle.


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