Monday, April 10, 2006

One liners

Can't claim ownership for all...

Confidence is when your girlfriend catches you in bed with another woman and you get out, slap her ass and say, "you're next babe!"
-Anonymous sms forward

"Take it easy..if it's easy, take it again"
-Kabir Nayar

"Life is like a banana...peel it and eat it"
-Kabir Nayar

"Life is like parrot..parrot means tota, tota means parrot, parrot means tota, tota means parrot, parrot means...."
My father, after too many tight ones

"Life is like a butter naan.... it's tasty"
-Kabir Nayar

"You should NOT drink only on Tuesdays... Friday night is the end of the week, Saturday night is Saturday night..Sunday drinking is required to prepare one's self for Monday morning blues, Monday drinking is required to forget about Monday morning blues..Wednesday is the middle of the week and tension is getting to you and Thursday is preparing for Friday night"..

* more to be added soon


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