Friday, April 21, 2006

Ken Fukyamama and other unfortunate souls

One of life's smaller joys is to poke fun at folk who's parents didn't have a clue when they were naming them.
Take for instance Mr Ken Fukyamama, a Japanese delegate I met at a travel convention. "Haylo," he said, bowing low, "Aahm Meester Fookyamama, much pleased to meet you"
Excuse me mother fucker... This is definitely one guy who shouldn't live in the Bronx.
Another guy I met at the same convention was the head of the Kenyan tourist board in India: Fred Okeyo. Not so funny? Well his email address was and still is :

Then there was a friend of a friend: Gaurav Aslekar who I met at the Pune station, on the way to Goa once.
The first thing he says to me. "Yeah yeah're allowed to laugh once and no...I don't lick or take anyone's ass" ... School must have been murder for this guy..
I think the country with the most unfortunate souls is Sweden with their Backlunds and Lundsons, but I could be wrong..

When I was with the call centre, we'd be calling up credit card debtors in the US to collect on them. A lot of people in that industry were quite unused to common English names like Laura and Dick..of course if the card had a joint account holder: Ben and Laura..even better..
I distinctly remember a Dick George Sr too...
Coincidentally most customers named Laura were really quite rude when they answered the phone..justifying their name..

In college, since I went to one almost fully populated with Sardars..fitting in was always a problem till a smart alec sird (and there's no shortage of them) came up with a translation of my name..
Colin = Call in = bula andar (in Hindi) = Bulandar = Bulandar Singh Bhenchoth..
Ok..not exactly complimentary..but at least it rhymed..


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