Monday, April 17, 2006

Hippie chicks

One sub-species of woman I love to hang hang ups in life, they live for the moment, have no clue what they're going to be doing tomorrow, possess a short term memory of a fly and will love you forever if you have shit to smoke, snort or pop....

Sunshine..the career hippie
This is one woman you'll always want to come along with you for a party in Elevate, trekking in the hills, dinner in a dhaba, scuba diving off Lakshadweep, a bus ride to Lhasa...she's game for it...
First met her through a friend of a friend..she' from Calcutta, but is Nepali, has lived in Delhi for 4 years, makring time as a page three hack. She's now going back to Cal to meet her folks, then on to Siliguri to chill, back to Cal, then on to Bombay to find work in the film industry with zero experience or education in direction or photography.
If you are a regular at Elevate's Friday night psy scenes, you've probably bumped into her shaking her booty with her triad..long curly hair bouncing all over the place...

Wild Child...Starry-eyed surprise
She's one of my most favourite women and will probably always be a part of my life. Just like Sunshine, she's the tattooed, multiple-pierced, cosmopolitan Nepali party animal who'll be spotted more in the loo pulling lines than on the floor dancing or at the bar drinking...
She has no idea where her life is going further than the current week and despite plans to live in Amsterdam, has no idea how she's getting there..
We share an inexplicable telepathic link when it comes to punch lines for bad jokes, remembering song names and obscure movies.
If you haven't bumped into her yet anywhere in Delhi, you've been living under a rock for the past 5 years....


Anonymous wild child! said...

you know iv never read anyone describe me like that.. i actually sound sort of cool! hahahhahaa.
colin write a story on everyone.. ur eccentric family. ur mad friends. madder work place and somtimes your crazy most times non extistant love/ sex life!!
one fulll on pot boiler!
trips or both kinds. adventures! roof top chilling. beers. seems so shallow and still we love it so much!

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, i don't think one could quite possibly describe women more exactly than you just did

3:08 PM  

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